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Body Conscious

Feel your best!

Supplement Injections

We offer a variety of injections:

  • B-12 Injection

  • B Complex Injection

  • MIC Weight-loss Injection

    • Naturally produced amino acids that rapidly attack fatty cells.​

  • Homeopathic Immune Booster Injection

    • Recommended at the first sign of illness (common cold, flu, seasonal allergies, etc.)​

  • Gelsemium Injection

    • Helps with nerve pain including sciatica pain.​​

$20 per injection

Available packages:

  • 2 injections for $36

  • 4 injections for $68

  • 6 injections for $100

  • 10 injections for $150

Credits never expire and are applicable to any of these injections.

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